Land Network is a non-trading company that brings together farms around the country who have established permitted green waste composting facilities as a diversification or add-on to their farming businesses.

Many of the treatment facilities have Local Authority contracts to process kerbside and HWRC green waste. They also work with local landscapers, gardeners, nurseries and waste management companies.

The green waste is processed into compost and then spread to the farms’ own land. This improves the soil condition, improves crop yield and helps reduce the requirement for mineral fertilisers to be added. Several members have achieved PAS 100 product accreditation for their compost.

The purpose of Land Network is to give individual, independent farmers who recycle waste to land a bigger voice within the industry and an opportunity to share best practice techniques. Working with waste sector specialists, Elleteq, they have access to administrative and expert support in permit compliance, site management, health
and safety and PAS 100 standards compliance.

If you have a waste stream that you think may be suitable for one of our sites or you are interested in the Land Network group and would like further information, please contact solutions@landnetwork.co.uk or call us on 01225 899840

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